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CLOSING DATE: Aug 22, 2022 at midnight 

Silver Dressage Show Prize List:

Quantum Farm ESD Dressage Show – PRIZE LIST  

Saturday, Aug 27th, 2022 

The Quantum Farm Dressage show is sanctioned as an Equestrian Skills Development under the OE  permit Dressage Show and is governed by the Rules of Equestrian Canada. 

Organizers: Casey Gillis and Holly McEwen Quantum Farm 6630 Third Line Rd, Kars ON.  

Official: Patrick Evans, Judge

Secretary: Holly McEwen (613)913-6614 /  


CLOSING DATE: Monday Aug 21, 2022

Please e-mail entries to the Secretary Entries must be accompanied by:  • Full payment of applicable entry fees (Dressage tests: $40 (+HST) per class; and administration fee ($45 + HST) payable by cash, or e-transfer to ( password quantum). • A copy of a negative Coggins test dated within 12 months of the show. 

• Proof of owner and rider OE membership (or other PSO). 

Late entries will be accepted if they can be accommodated, subject to a $20 (+HST) late fee.  Scratches and Refunds. If an entry is withdrawn before the closing date the entry fee will be refunded,  less the $25 administration fee. No refunds will be issued after the closing date. If the organizers are  directed, prior to the closing date, by any provincial or local health authority to cancel the ESD show for  any reason, the amount of the entry fee will be refunded, less the $25 administration fee. OADG leaderboard. Results from this show will count towards the OADG year-end awards. You must be a  member of OADG, Cadora-Ontario or Cadora-National (as appropriate) to qualify to win year-end awards.  Please refer to the Ottawa Area Dressage Group (OADG) website ( for  information about year-end awards. If you have any questions about the awards’ criteria contact 


Dressage tests. All dressage tests can be found on-line at 

Junior. Competitors who have not reached their 18th birthday as of January 1, 2022.  Green Horse & Novice Rider. A Green Horse is in its first or second year of dressage competition. A  Novice Rider is in their first or second year of dressage competition. Please specify if horse and/or rider  are GREEN or NOVICE.  

Ride times will be posted on the QF and OADG websites and the QF Facebook page by Thurs, Aug 25,2022. The 20m x 40m classes will be grouped together at the beginning of the day.  Tack in accordance with EC rules. Horses may wear boot/bandages; whips may be carried. 

Ribbons to sixth place in each class. Championship ribbons and prizes will be awarded in Introductory,  Training, and First Levels provided there are four or more entries per level. To be eligible for level  Championship ribbons and prizes, riders must enter at least 2 classes at that level. The winning  horse/rider combinations for Champion and Reserve Champion will be calculated using their top two  scores in the level in which they qualify. Ribbons and tests can be collected from the Secretary’s table.  Scoring. Points awarded by the judge are final. Where there is only one rider in a class, score percentages  will be applied as follows: 1st place – 60% or higher; 2nd place – 57%-59.99%; 3rd place – 54%-56.99%; 4th place – 51% – 53.99%. No ribbons or prizes will be awarded below 4th place where there is only one rider in  a class.  

Proof of vaccinations. All horses on the property are required to be able to produce proof of vaccine for  Equine Influenza & Equine Herpes (1 & 4) within 6 months of the show (EC A519). 


INTRODUCTORY (If entries warrant, Introductory Tests will be split into GREEN HORSE and NOVICE RIDER)CLASS 1 2019 USEF Introductory Test A, Walk/Trot (20m x 40m)  

CLASS 2 2019 USEF Introductory Test B, Walk/Trot (20m x 40m)  


CLASS 6 2019 USEF Training Level Test 1 (20m x 40m)  

CLASS 7 2019 USEF Training Level Test 2 (20m x 40m)  

CLASS 8 2019 USEF Training Level Test 3 (20m x 40m)  


CLASS 9 2019 USEF First Level Test 1 (20m x 60m)  

 CLASS 10 2019 USEF First Level Test 2 (20m x 60m


CLASS 14 Test of Choice. You may request any current Canadian Eventing Test, OADG, EC 2019 USEF  Test (up to Fourth Level), CADORA Test, or Freestyle (Solo, Pas de Deux or Quadrille; EC  First Levels Freestyle; CADORA Freestyles; Novice [W/T] Freestyles). Specify test & ring size  (20×40 or 20×60). 

This show will operate consistent with the Guidelines for Competition in the Quantum Farm  COVID-19 and Equine Biosecurity Protocol. All riders, support personnel and others attending are  responsible for their own safety and the safety of their horse(s) while at QF.

First Level Silver 4
9:00Test 280Jennifer MatusiakAlcatraz
9:09Test 281Caylyn WalkerWagon Trail Lila
9:18Test 282Morgan McEwenBreaking Boundaries
First Level ESD 5
9:27Test 283Heather LivingBerts Lucky Bonanza
9:36Test 284Donna KeddyTrudeau
First Level Silver 5
9:45Test 380Jennifer MatusiakAlcatraz
9:53Test 381Caylyn WalkerWagon Trail Lila
10:01Test 382Morgan McEwenBreaking Boundaries
First Level ESD 6
10:09Test 383Heather LivingBerts Lucky Bonanza
Silver TOC 12
10:18First Level Test 284Donna KeddyTrudeau
Second Level Silver 7
10:26Test 280Jennifer MatusiakAlcatraz
10:35Test 285Sonya Lipsett RiveraDudley Do Right
10:44Test 286Aislinn FreisenMagik
10:53Test 287Kathryn RowesomeKatniss
11:02Test 288Catherine BridgesDark Velvet
Second Level Silver 7
11:25Test 380Jennifer MatusiakAlcatraz
11:33Test 385Sonya Lipsett RiveraDudley Do Right
11:41Test 386Aislinn FreisenMagik
11:49Test 387Kathryn RowesomeKatniss
11:57Test 388Catherine BridgesDark Velvet
TOC- Para Test 12
12:10Para Grade V 89Tricia TuriffKahlua
Third Level Silver 8
12:20Test 290Jackie NaidaConquest
12:29Test 291Darlene SenechalAqua De Vida
Third Level Silver 9
12:37Test 390Jackie NaidaConquest
12:45Test 391Darlene SenechalAqua De Vida
Lunch Break
Training Level Silver 2
1:30Test 292Christine ScharfTracker
1:39Test 293Emily LeMayMaple
1:48Test 294Susan TownsI Am A CrackerJack
1:57Test 295Casey GillisThomas Jefferson
Training Level ESD 3
2:06Test 296Taylor DarbysonMagpie’s Secret
Training Level Silver 3
2:15Test 392Christine ScharfTracker
2:23Test 393Emily LeMayMaple
2:31Test 394Susan TownsI Am A CrackerJack
Training Level ESD 4
2:39Test 396Taylor DarbysonMagpie’s Secret
Introductory Test ESD 1
2:46Test A97Taylor SymonSouper Speedy Simon
2:52Test A98Victoria BolithoOnce Upon A Tom
2:58Test A99Stephanie LafranceDragons Blood
3:04Test A100Julia GivenLady In Red
3:10Test A71Taylor DarbysonFinn McWhinny
Introductory Test ESD 2
3:30Test B97Taylor SymonSouper Speedy Simon
3:35Test B98Victoria BolithoOnce Upon A Tom
3:40Test B99Stephanie LafranceDragons Blood
3:45Test C71Taylor DarbysonFinn McWhinny
3:50Entry 173Ann ChapmanTommy Gunn
3:59Entry 174Elise GilneurHe’s Got Mojo
4:08EC Entry75Mikayla GoonetillekeTom Thumb
4:16Entry 276Charlotte GilneurLucky Penny
4:22Entry 273Ann ChapmanTommy Gunn