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Sat Sept 2nd, 2023

The Quantum Farm Dressage Show is sanctioned as a Silver competition of Equestrian Canada, ℅ House of Sport, 2451 Riverside Drive, Ottawa ON, K1H 7X7 and is governed by the Rules of Equestrian Canada. 

Organizer: Casey Gillis and Holly McEwen  

Location: Quantum Farm 6630 Third Line Rd., Kars ON K0A 2E0 

Officials: Patrick Evans Judge ( SB dressage)); Steward: Jacqueline Ouellette (EC Dressage Steward M)

Secretary: Holly McEwen (613) 913-6614 /

Quantum Farm would like to acknowledge and thank all the volunteers who work hard to make this show possible and our wonderful sponsors for their generous donations of prizes.  




 USEF Training Level Tests 1 & 2 


 First Level Test 2 & 3 


 Second Level Tests 2 & 3


 Third Level Tests 2 & 3


 Fourth Level Tests 2 & 3



CLOSING DATE: Aug 29th, 2023 at midnight 

Please enter, electronically, through COMPETE EASY (preferred) or e-mail entries to the Secretary at All entries must be accompanied by:  

• PAYMENT: entry fees (please see applicable entry form) and administration fee, payable by: 

o CREDIT CARD through Compete Easy or,  

o E-TRANSFER if emailing entry. E-transfers should be sent to (password quantum). Please indicate clearly the horse/rider combination that you are paying for.  

• a copy of a current (within 12 months) negative Coggins test.  

• Horse Recording Record activated for 2023. 

• Proof of memberships for owners and riders as follows: SILVER – EC Silver Level Sport licence and PSO.  

By submitting an entry, the person responsible is agreeing to the statement (A802.4) that “I hereby certify that every horse, rider and/or driver is eligible as entered and agree for myself and my representatives to be bound by the Constitution and rules of Equestrian Canada at this competition. It is hereby recognized that all equestrian sports involved inherent risk and that no headgear or protective equipment can protect against all foreseeable injury. I hereby accept this risk and hold harmless EC, the competition, their officials, organizers, agents, employees and their representatives. The person(s) responsible (PR) agrees to the release of any information on the entry form to EC.:

Compete Easy. To enter through Compete Easy please go to the web site: (select “Enter Events” and look for Quantum Farm Silver Dressage Show) or download the Compete Easy app from the Apple App store or Google Play store onto a phone or tablet. In both cases, select “Enter Events” and find Quantum Farm Silver Dressage Show. Select “Enter” and login to a rider profile (encouraged) or as a guest to access the entry form and complete your entry. You will be asked to complete a “Rider Profile” within Compete Easy with required information about you and your horse along with necessary documents (such as Coggins and membership numbers). This profile can be used to enter other shows on Compete Easy. 

Late fee. Entries received after the closing date will be subject to a $30 (+HST) late fee and will be accepted only if entry information is complete and there is space remaining in the competition. 

Scratches and Refunds. If an entry is withdrawn before the closing date the entry fee will be refunded less the $60 (+HST) administration fee. No refunds will be issued after the closing date. If the organizers are directed, prior to the closing date, by any provincial or local health authority to cancel the Silver Dressage show for any reason, the amount of the entry fee will be refunded, less the $60 administration fee. If the competition is cancelled for any reason after it commences, no refunds will be issued. 

Classes. Horses may compete in a maximum of four tests in one day at two consecutive levels, including the corresponding Freestyle Class for Introductory, Training and First Levels, and three tests per day including the freestyle for Second, Third and Fourth levels.  More than one rider may ride the same horse at a competition providing the horse is not entered by two or more riders in the same class, and that there are not more than four tests by any single horse. If entries warrant, classes will be divided into Junior (JR), Adult Amateur (AA) and Open (O). Juniors are competitors who have not reached their 18th birthday as of January 1, 2023.  

Leaderboard. The Quantum Farm Silver Dressage Show will count towards Equestrian Canada, CADORA, CADORA Ontario, and OADG Awards for 2023. A rider must be a member of OADG, Cadora-Ontario or Cadora-National (as appropriate) to qualify to win an OADG year-end award. For full details please see the websites of those organizations. Mandatory Vaccination Requirements. 

  • Article A602.8 states that “All horses attending Equestrian Canada sanctioned competitions must have met the requirements of Article 519, Vaccinations. See Rules of Equestrian Canada, Section A, General Regulations, Article A519, Vaccinations.”
  • Article A519, Vaccinations states that “All horses attending Equestrian Canada sanctioned competitions must have been administered Equine Influenza and Equine Herpes Virus (1 & 4) vaccinations within 6 months (+21 day grace period) before arrival at the event. No horse shall receive vaccination within 7 days prior to arrival at the event. Horses not in compliance with this rule may be asked to leave the event site at the discretion of Competition Management. Competition Management may request supporting documentation confirming a horse’s compliance with mandatory vaccination requirements.”  



Rules. Every class offered herein is covered by the rules and specification of the current rules of Equestrian Canada and will be held and judged in accordance with the EC Rule Book. All competitors are responsible for knowing these rules (  

Dressage tests. All dressage tests can be found on-line at 

Riding Times. Riding times will be posted on the Quantum Farm Facebook page and on the QF website on Thursday August 231st, 2023

Competition ring and Warm up. Warm up in sandring or indoor arena. The competition ring will be configured as a 20 x 40 ring for Introductory  level and will be switched to a 20 x 60 ring for the remainder of the show. Unless competing, no mounted riding is permitted in a competition ring.  

Lunging. Lunging (unmounted) is permitted in designated areas and is not permitted in warm-up or competition areas.  Horse/Rider Substitutions. At the discretion of the Show Committee and subject to a $40 (+HST) administration fee. 

Right of Refusal. The Show Committee reserves the right to refuse entry to any person or horse, and to govern all conditions specific to the show and to cancel or change a class and/or to limit entries. 

Horse Recording Number. All Canadian entries are required to hold a current EC Horse Recording Number and have paid the EC Horse Recording Annual Activation Fee (A602.4).  

Temporary Sport License registration. If a horse is owned by a Temporary Sport License holder, a temporary horse registration form must be purchased at each competition entered (such forms may be purchased from the Show Secretary). Foreign entries must sign an affidavit (see A404). 

Ribbons to sixth place in each class. Championship ribbons and prizes will be awarded in Training, First, Second, Third and Fourth Levels provided there are four or more entries per level. To be eligible for level Championship ribbons and prizes, riders must enter at least 2 classes at that level. The winning horse/rider combinations for Champion and Reserve Champion will be calculated using their top two scores in the level in which they qualify. Ribbons and prizes (as applicable) can be picked up from the Secretary’s table (outdoors). Participants receive their tests electronically.

When entries warrant, organizers may divide classes according to categories (junior, amateur, open).  If there are fewer than six entries per category, the organizing committee will hold only an open category at that level or division.

Scoring. Points awarded by the judge are final. Where there is only one rider in a class, score percentages will be applied as follows: 1st place – 60% or higher; 2nd place – 57%-59.99%; 3rd place – 54%-56.99%; 4th place – 51% – 53.99%. No ribbons or prizes will be awarded below 4th place, where there is only one rider in a class.  

Numbers. Every entry will be provided with an identification (competition) number by the organizing committee, which must be worn and visible at all times in the schooling and/or exercise areas as well as in the competition ring. Numbers will be available from the Secretary upon arrival.  

Drug control. Any horse entered in any class at a competition may be selected for equine medication  control while at the event location (A602.5).  

Tack check. All riders must report, still mounted, to the Steward immediately following their test for a tack check. Failure to report will result in elimination from that class. The rider may not remove any equipment or clothing before the inspection, nor may handlers remove any tack from the horse. 

Non-competing horses. Non-competing horses are not permitted on the grounds. 

Hors Concours: Hors concours (HC) entries are not allowed.

Smoking. Smoking is not permitted in any of the buildings, the show office or in warm-up and competition areas.  General restrictions. We do kindly allow dogs, but please keep them leashed at all times. 

Safe Sport Environments. When registering for EC sanctioned competitions, athletes must indicate the name of their coach on the entry form or specify that they are self-coached. Coaches from other countries, must be in good standing with their home federation and must declare/have proof of insurance (Art. A102). 

COVID-19 Snety Measures. We ask that you please not come on the property if you are feeling unwell or displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 and that you continue to be maintain adequate social distancing vis-à-vis riders and spectators outside of your group. This Show will be run consistent with the Quantum Farm COVID-19 AND BIOSECURITY PROTOCOL: GUIDELINES FOR COMPETITIONS 2022. All riders, support personnel and anyone attending the show are asked to read the Protocol.

Stabling. Limited stabling is available on site at a cost of $60 for the day. Please contact the Secretary to reserve.  Safety Headgear. All athletes, regardless of age or level of competition, must wear properly fitted and fastened safety approved protective headgear at all times when mounted.  

Insurance: All owners or competitors (Persons responsible) are personally responsible for damages to third parties caused by themselves, their employees, their agents, trainers, or their horses. Up to date third-party insurance providing full coverage for participation in equestrian events, including those outside your province of residence is required. For Ontario residents, insurance is available through OE membership.  

Liability. Quantum Farm, its owners, employees and volunteers will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury incurred to any person or animal, or for any damage to vehicles, trailers or other property while on the premises. Decisions. The Judge’s and Steward’s decisions are final. Questions not covered by the EC Rules and Specification shall be addressed and decided upon by the Show Committee, and its decision will be final. 

Directions. From 417 to 416 South Take exit 49 for Ottawa Regional Road/ Roger Stevens/Roger Stevens Dr. toward Kars/North Gower/Osgoode. Continue on Roger Stevens Drive to Third Line Rd. S. Turn left onto Third Line Rd. South. Quantum Farm is 5th Laneway on Right by Indoor Arena.



Equestrian Canada, (EC), the National Federation of Canada, supports adherence to humane treatment of horses in all activities under its jurisdictionEC is committed to:  

• Upholding the welfare of the horse, regardless of monetary value, as a primary consideration in all activities;

• Requiring that horses be treated with kindness, respect, and the compassion that they deserve, and that they never be subjected to mistreatment;  

• Ensuring that owners, trainers, and exhibitors and their agents exercise appropriate  care and responsibility in the handling, treatment and transportation of their horses, as well as horses placed in their care for any purpose;  

• Providing for the continuous well-being of the horse by encouraging routine inspection and consultation with health care professionals and competition officials to achieve the highest possible standards of nutrition, health, comfort and safety ;  

 • Continuing to support scientific studies on equine health and welfare;

• Requiring owners, trainers and exhibitors to know and follow their sanctioning organization’s rules, and to work within industry regulations in all equestrian competitions; and  

• reviewing, revising, and developing competition rules and regulations that protect the welfare of the horse. 

In determining whether conduct or treatment is cruel, abusive or inhumane, the standard to be applied will be the conduct or treatment expected of a reasonable  person who is informed and experienced in equine training and exhibition procedures .  

Per Article A801, every entry at an EC-sanctioned competition shall constitute an agreement by the person(s) responsible that the owner, lessee, trainer, manager, agent, coach, driver or rider and horse shall be subject to the EC constitution and all rules of EC and any additional rules set by the competition. It is the responsibility of all individuals participating in any capacity in EC-sanctioned competitions to be knowledgeable regarding the EC constitution and the applicable rules of EC and the additional rules, if any, imposed by the competition. Do not participate in this EC- sanctioned competition in any capacity if you do not consent to be bound by the constitution and rules of EC and any additional rules imposed by the competition (A602.7). 

 When registering for EC sanctioned competitions, athletes must indicate the name of their coach on the entry form or specify that they are self-coached. Coaches from other countries, must be in good standing with their home federation and must declare/have proof of insurance. See Rules of Equestrian Canada, Section A, General Regulations, Article 102, Safe Sport Environments. (A602.9).

All riders, support personnel and others attending are responsible for their own safety and the safety of their horse(s) while at Quantum Farm.


Admin Fee: $60, Medic Fee: $15, Dressage Levy: $10, Equine Medication Control Fee $8.

Classes: $60